Monday 25 May 2009

The Company Shed

The Company Shed


As the name implies, this restaurant really is a shed! It's at the end of the 'seafront' in West Mersey, Mersey Island. Don't be fooled into thinking this restaurant will serve typical seaside fayre though; its the fresh fish platters its renowned for and you won't be disappointed. The vinyl tablecloths, mismatched chairs and tables and 'bring your own everything else apart from fish' really do add to its charm and memorability!

You arrive and ask for your name to be added to the chalk board inside. Then you sit in the sun with a good book and wait to be called. The 40 minute wait will always be worth it. We popped inside and asked for a couple of glasses to go with our bottle of wine we'd taken along! A perfect pre-dinner drink!

Appearance and Taste

As you can see, the fish is all fresh and you can choose from a simple range of fresh cold dishes, substituting different types of fish, or a few 'hot' dishes. All dishes are very well presented, on plates rather than the huge iced platters you see in more expensive restaurants but here there is no need for the ice as the fish really is that fresh!

And the taste? Well, it's clean, salty and fresh. The fish actually has its own individual taste, rather than the 'fishy' taste you might normally get. I know that sounds a bit odd, but it is true! It even invited me to try crab claws and greenlip mussels! The hot dishes all also looked fantastic and the scallops were great. Cooked to perfection with a bacon and tomato salad and warm dressing, it was simple, but tasty.

We took our own bread and butter, a must I feel, if only to go with the smoked salmon. We also took a chilled bottle of white and a jar of mayonnaise! Delicious!

Value for Money

The fish platters were about £9 and the hot dishes about £6. We shared a platter and had a plate of scallops each - we wanted to try other dishes but both fancied the scallops as they came recommended. Excellent.

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