Tuesday 1 September 2009

Tried and Tested

Well, the week of cooking and reviewing finished a week ago today, and went, I think, rather well! I've had many comments on the recipes - thanks Janine and Olive! - and people asking for my opinion as to which was the best and tastiest.

So, my final thoughts?

I really enjoyed the week - it certainly got me back into cooking and blogging and inspired me to try new recipes rather than simply stick with what I can already do.
Secondly, all the recipes worked brilliantly, it came in on budget and they did exactly as stated in the magazine.

The one I enjoyed cooking most was the Orzo, Pepper and Feta salad, and it came a close second in the taste stakes too!

But the one overall winner? The one, even when several other people have said how yummy the Tandoori Pork Burgers look, that I found the tastiest was the Summer Lamb Stew. Absolutely delicious. The lemon and parsley added at the end gave it just the right amount of zing and after cooking it again and adding a little more harissa, just the right amount of heat and spice too!

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