Monday, 9 November 2009

Marmite Cashews - yuck!


Now, I LOVE Marmite, especially spread on hot buttery white toast, or brown for that matter! The Marmite Cheddar previously blogged about was also 'alright', though could have done with much, much more of the brown treacly stuff! These nuts however, were horrible, I'm sorry to say.

I opened the packet and was extremely optimistic as they smelt of beef Monster Munch - yum! As I brought one nearer to my mouth, however, I began to doubt my sense of smell! I took a few, and they definitely tasted of something, I'm just not sure what. They had no spice, no hint of that long, deep, nutritious marmitey flavour; simply 'a' taste, that hung in the mouth longer than the sourness from a sloe berry just picked from the tree. A very unpleasant after-taste; more bitter than thickly spread Marmite (which I Love!) and sour, that masked the taste of Cashew nuts altogether. NOT nice.

Such a shame; I had high hopes for these.

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