Monday 25 January 2010

Saffron Walden Cafe Cou Cou

What a surprise we had when visiting Saffron Walden last Saturday. A hidden gem, and not one that everyone knows about. Tables free as and when with no-one waiting, but one always coming up at just the right time.


The counter at front displayed many lovely cakes, all freshly made with a combination of individual ones and slices of gooey looking things.


The cafe served the usual fayre of scones, toast and doorstep sandwiches, which, unfortunately, were too doorstep to be able to a) get in your mouth (usually no trouble with a mouth my the size of mine!) and b) cut through with the knife! Several meals were written up on the chalk boards too, including tarts, quiches and coronation chicken.


I opted for the Goats’ Cheese and Caramelised Onion tart, with filo pastry, served with a green salad and excellent quality balsamic. It was delicious, all very sweet and rich, but did perhaps need a more vinegary dressing to cut through the cloying textures.


It was refreshing to visit a typically British café  on a dull, winter’s day and find such a bustling    atmosphere combined with good quality, home-made food. 

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