Saturday, 4 February 2012

The best things in life…

…include a dippy egg laid by the hens that morning with homemade bread toasted soldiers!

I hadn’t made bread for ages and didn’t have any shop-bought stuff in, so wanted to quickly whip up a batch loaf, knowing that we’d be having dippy eggs in the morning as Teddy, the Heritage Skyline hen, has just started laying blue eggs (only on the outside!) 


Jules kindly came up with a recipe for me and I gave it a go. Well, with the weather being pretty darn chilly, and me not leaving it enough time to prove, and also not following the method (I kneaded for ten mins, then left as really didn’t have enough time to do it properly whilst looking after the little one) it was, to say the least, heavy. Although the OH did comment ‘Not as heavy as some you’ve made!’ Talk about a back-handed compliment! I was also surprised by the lack of something sweet in the recipe to help the yeast along its way, but that’s more likely to be my lack of bread baking knowledge that brought me to that thought.


Anyway, the long and short of it is that the bread did the trick for toasted soldiers to dip into the freshly laid eggs, cooked til just dippy! Thanks Teddy.


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  1. Glad you still got your dippy eggs. I rarely use sugar in my bread. The yeast usually gets enough food from the flour.


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