Friday 21 March 2014

Pancakes–albeit a little late!

Ok, I admit it: my pancake day was a disaster. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a successful one. It’s not the pancakes, they seem to turn out well every time. It’s just the combination of being in a rush, never having quite the right ingredients for the topping and not thinking ahead. It sort of creeps up on me every year and I ‘make do’. This year, we happened to have some ready-made ones in the fridge, so I thought I’d top them with tartiflette for main course, then we could have Nutella for pudding. Quick and easy. Wrong.
For a start, I didn’t have any cream, or anything resembling yummy stuff, so used yoghurt – the no-fat, very healthy one – which, or course, I knew would curdle, and did. Ignoring that, I continued, heating the pancakes and spooning the mixture on top. However, once I had taken the first bite, I realised that the ready-made, oh-so-quick pancakes I had used were of the sweet, rather than savoury, variety. Not a good combination.
I skipped mains and went straight to dessert. Surely I couldn’t go wrong? Well, no, not technically. Mine were delicious, but the LO just didn’t like the pancakes, opting instead to simply lick the Nutella from the top.
So today, I had promised myself I would give things another go, if only to use my new Oxo ‘Flip and Fold’ omelette turner I had been sent to try for this purpose! Keeping things simple, I wanted to see if my LO would actually eat homemade pancakes, rather than shop-bought, and not simply scoff the chocolate! I always use Delia’s simple recipe.
After pouring the mixture into the small frying pan, I swirled it around a bit to spread it evenly, then when the edges began to crispen, used the thin edge of the flipper to loosen. Being quite a big flipper and quite a small pan, it worked really well to get under the pancake itself, and turned it easily without losing any of the mixture or crumpling the pancake. I had to wipe it clean if any mixture did get caught, as it then continued to stick, but this happened rarely. It was also brilliant for scraping all the mixture from the bowl so I wouldn’t waste any.
And the result? Perfect pancakes that even my LO approved of and ate! Hurrah!

Disclaimer: Although I was sent products to try for the purpose of this post, all views and opinions are entirely my own, truthful and honest.

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