Thursday, 19 March 2009

Jambalaya - recipe stolen

Recipe stolen from Simon Rimmer at Something for the Weekend: he didn't mark it as Jambalaya but add a bit of spice, maybe a dash of tabasco, a red chilli and a spoonful of sweet chilli sauce, and substitute the bacon for chorizo...

It worked out a treat; not too stodgy, not too dry. The dish was incredibly easy to make and very tasty. A lovely every day evening meal with not too much to do apart from stuff it all in a bowl after pan-frying. Basically, you fry off whatever veg. takes your fancy, stir in the rice, cover with stock and bake. The omelette-type thing on the top may not to be to everyone's taste, but it just sort of finished it all off, gave it that top layer and extra texture.

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  1. That looks really tasty, I'd be really happy eating that after a day at work.


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