Saturday, 10 October 2009

Day 2 - Tadpoles in Holes!

These were a trial run for one of the amuse-bouche for CDwM. They don't ned little serving platters, howvever, as they come in their own little baking mould! The very little ones need half filling with batter, a small browned sausage putting in and cooking for between 3 and 5 mins - no more. Actual size: 6cm high, 3cm wide!

Onion gravy - thinly sliced onions with sprinkle of sugar. Add dab of cranberry jelly. Fry gently. Add gravy granles - yes, I know its a big cheat - and water. Bubble. Add juice of sausages that have rested after browning.

When cooked, pop about three onions slices inside each one and drizzle - just a 'light drizzle' mimd you! - with gravy!

Taste - fab
Crispiness vs softness - perfect can actually see them rise, and if you don't believe me, just rewind and look at the beginning, then jump to the end of the video! It's a bit like watching paint dry...but far more fun!

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