Monday 26 October 2009

Rising Yorkshire Puddings

I realise I'm very sad and should have more to do with my life, but editing a video of my first Yorkshire puddings and toads in the hole rising was very exciting! I've taken out several 'chunks' of this, so it looks a bit jumpy in some parts, but keep your eye on the one at the back right and see how it grows!

The best way to see it is to let it 'buffer' then slide the time-line pointer along and back - told you I was sad!


  1. That's really funny, think you might have discovered a whole new genre of food blogging!

  2. How could I resist taking a sneek peak at the video?
    Admit, I was a little disturbed by the way the middle sausage leaps out at the viewer (L.O.L.) but what a neat idea!
    I see many more hours of filming at the oven door ahead.....

  3. Oh Welsh one, how right you are! Now, what else is 'exciting' in the oven?!


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