Monday 27 July 2009

Kitchen Finished

I know I know...posts have been few and far between, but the kitchen is finally finished!

Thought I'd post a couple of photos instead of a blog entry.

Just to let you know, we're getting married this week and are then away, so I think its fair to say that I'll begin again in September!

Sunday 5 July 2009

Nearly There

Really, really sorry for the lack of posts - again! All I can say in my defense is that it's really hectic at school at the moment; the summer term's always horrendous, what with SATS, results, fetes, open evenings, reports, etc, etc. And then, with no kitchen either, I don't have time to be creative.

A quick recap of my last 6 meals:
Tonight - Talapia with sauce from Tescos and shop bought Ceasar Salad
Lunch today - Pizza Express
Tea last night - Tayyabs. Will post more at a later date. Was excellent!
Lunch yesterday - Carluccios
Friday tea - sandwiches left over from school dinners with chips from the chippy
Friday lunch - pub lunch with the girls, baked potato with cheese and coleslaw

So, as you can see, not so inspiring. The kitchen is hoping to be finished on Tuesday evening. can't wait t go and do a 'bog shop' and actually use the hob ad oven rather than the plug in grill in the, now named, 'outside kitchen'. In reality, the summer house where the bbq and little fridge are kept!
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