Tuesday 5 April 2011

Drinking in Pregnancy?

Only the soft stuff I’m afraid, and an odd slurp or small mouthful of wine with dinner every so often! So someone offering to send me a bottle of a new bottlegreen green tea & elderflower sparkling pressé. According to the press release,

“bottlegreen has selected the finest handpicked elderflowers and combined them with infused green tea and lightly sparkling water to create the perfect summertime drink. Made with only natural ingredients with no added preservatives or sweeteners, bottlegreen green tea & elderflower sparkling pressé brings together two traditional summer flavours in an unusual but tasty combination that provides instant refreshment on lazy days in the sunshine or at alfresco parties.”


Well, since the sun came out last week, and I’m still looking for different flavours to enliven my ‘in-between meal’ drinks, I was happy to review a bottle. The OH was particularly interested as we normally buy the Lemongrass and Ginger cordial, and mix it with sparkling water, so this was a nice change. The tea flavours certainly drifted through and I’m guessing the unusual aftertaste was the elderflower. Although I’d never normally buy an Elderflower pressé, usually being a bit flowery for my tastes, the tea in this calmed down the flavours and they were much more subtle, almost being a more refreshing and lighter version of iced-tea.

I’ve always liked the shape and design of the bottlegreen bottles, but this has been contradicted by the fact that if it’s not a cordial that I add to, there just isn’t enough in it at 750ml. Especially as this is a drink for a warm summer’s day with friends: You’d need several. The OH alone drinks half the bottle in one large glass. Retailing from £2.30 a bottle, other bottlegreen pressés are currently retailing at around £2.20, but I can’t yet find this particular one on the supermarket shelves. It could end up costly, and I’d rather buy a cordial and add my own sparkling water, thus bringing the price down somewhat. Having said that, compare it with other similar drinks, it’s probably priced about right.

A refreshing and summery drink no doubt, but goes down too quickly: a victim of it’s own success!

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