Monday 29 September 2014

Beetroot & Carrot Burger on Goat’s Cheese Mushroom

005We’ve recently signed up to Abel & Cole’s veg. boxes as a way to kick start a bit of healthy eating, ensure we have all the fruit and vegetables we should and, more importantly, so that I don’t have to traipse around the supermarket once a week! So Wednesday is always an exciting day for me as I also choose some top quality meat from them too and attempt to plan our meals. The question arises, though, what on earth do I make with it all? It seems too nice to just use a plain old veg. so I’ve been looking up some new ideas. One of the nicer ones I found was a Riverford recipe (probably A & C’s largest rival, but if I’m using the veg. surely no-one will mind?!) to use up my carrots and beetroot.


You can find the recipe via the link above but it’s a case of grating raw beetroot and carrot, mixing it with egg, oatmeal, dill, parsley and grated onions, leaving to chill, shaping, then pan frying until brown. Meanwhile, season a large mushroom. Put the burgers on one tray, the mushrooms on another and bake for 20 mins. I added a slice of goats’ cheese to the mushrooms too! Wilt some spinach, build a tower with everything and you’re done. It’s quite messy at the beginning (I suggest using a processor to do all the grating!) but really tasty, and incredibly healthy too, especially if you don’t add the cheese!


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