Thursday 7 May 2009

Squid and Chorizo Salad

I saw this recipe on SFTW with Simon Rimmer a week and a half ago and have only just got around to actually making it. The last time I remembered to get the squid out from the freezer, we mixed it with chilli and lime and threw it on the barbeque!

On my second attempt at remembering, I finally managed to have a day where all the required ingredients were in the fridge at the same time, so went ahead and gave it a go, picking up a few limes on the way home. When I say 'gave it a go' this is not a dish I would usually cook, despite its simplicity. The main reason being that I am still 'getting used' to squid.

It was, however, delicious, even though it didn't fill up the other half, and he insisted on making himself a bowl of pasta to follow: Maybe it would be better as a summer lunch with a glass of chilled white rather than an evening tea when you've had a hectic day?

It was also so simple and quick to make. The recipe is easily adaptable, but its just a case of pan-frying the chorizo, making a dressing with olive oil, sherry vinegar, mint and lime juice, frying the squid in the oil from the chorizo and tossing it all together with some watercress, or in my case, bottom of the fridge salad. Throw in a few capers - that the boyfriend will push to one side and refuse to eat - and there you have it.

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