Monday 15 June 2009

Lack of Kitchen

Ok - I'd like to apologise for the lack of cooking activity, and therefore, writing activity, on my blog recently. This is due to a lack of kitchen! My new base units went in two weeks ago with nothing else, so I'm now waiting for the new surfaces to be fitted, in another two weeks, before I can get a hob in.

So, for the time being, I'm left with an electric wok. I started off with the usual...stir-fry, paella, risotto, but soon got bored and we resorted to the bbq, Again, meat, meat and meat got a bit dull, so now I've dragged out a raclette maker (!) with a fry-grill type top, so am doing a bit more!

Tonight's dinner was steak (yes, I know we could have used the bbq...the rain we're used to, but with the thunder and lighting I thought that it maybe wasn't such a good idea!) So we had a great piece of sirloin with colcannon - simply fried cabbage and onion in the wok added to shop bought mash heated in the microwave! I simply couldn't be bothered to find a place to peel, chop and mash potatoes!

Any wok / raclette ideas welcome for the next few weeks.


  1. can we have more Dominos pizza?

  2. Dear anonymous,
    love you though, x

  3. I would have been scared doing bbq under tunder and lightening condition. I would just go under my blanket... and starve, lol
    Good luck with everything.

  4. Sounds like a nightmare!

    In the wok you could do what I call drunken prawns, just use fresh cooked spaghetti, heat the wok, add the prawns, a small tub of cream and equal amount of dry white wine, cook through and season to taste, if you have any fresh herbs I.e. coriander add a few leaves on serving, add the pasta and warm through, serve immediately :)

  5. anne - great idea - and i could buy / make fresh pasta and just stir fry it! Would that work? I could cook the pasta first in the wok with water, then remove, do the prawns and stir in the pasta at the end - thinking aloud here!

  6. drunken prawns sound very good.
    Dominos pizza sounds very good.
    who needs a kitchen??

  7. There's a great web site with good recipes from Raclette Australia. They also have a raclette cookbook out with a lot of different recipes. I can highly recommend the book and the site!

  8. thanks all - will have a look at the raclette recipes and give some a go! Managed lamb kebabs last night and chilli tonight; not bad!

  9. hi again :) If you were in a hurry then use fresh ready pasta but if your wok is big enough then no reason you couldn't quickly boil it up first - the prawns take no time to heat through so it wouldn't get cold :)


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