Friday 26 March 2010

A Simple Supper – lamb chops, new potatoes and green beans.



After several nights of stews, meat with sauce and a bit of whatever’s left over, I thought we’d go for something quick and simple, but most of all, tasty: Lamb Chops, new potatoes and green beans.

The chops were seasoned and sprinkled with herbs, then fried (I know, it’s much more unhealthy than grilling them, but far more tasty!), the new potatoes boiled with salt, pepper and chopped garlic, and the green beans popped into the microwave for steaming with a little water and yet more chopped garlic. After browning the chops on both sides and leaving til the middle was still pink, I stood them up at the edge of the pan to crispen up the tastiest part – the fatty edges! To serve, I simple added some butter and mint sauce to the pan after draining the potatoes and spooned it over the lot.

Of course, the best way of eating them is with your fingers!


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