Saturday 29 May 2010

Pea Shoots


I’ve recently been inspired by BBC’s The Edible Garden programme and couldn’t wait to try growing the pea shoots from a packet of dried peas. And how easy it was. Have a look at The Cabbage Patch if you don’t believe me!


I simply popped them into compost, quite close together as I’d be using them when they were very small so they don’t need much room, and within 14 days they were the perfect size!


Now the question was how to use them? What I really wanted to do was have them over my Scallops with Chorizo and pea puree, but, not having any scallops in, I opted for using them to garnish our grilled salmon with warm potato salad. They’d be perfect with any fish (hot-smoked trout or mackerel pate), or on top of a risotto to add a new texture and fresh flavour.

Why not use the comments feature under this post to add you own ideas for using them?

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