Thursday 16 September 2010

Let’s Get Baking

As I bake more and more, (I’m now the proud owner of many types of flour and yeast!), I find that I’m slowly learning the art of remaining patient: something I haven’t formerly shown a leaning towards. It’s all in the stretching and proving, and a hot conservatory certainly helps that. Along with this, and the running of The Great British Bake Off, I may even contemplate making my own pastry, something which I’ve previously always stated that life is too short for. The programme has, for me, been a nice combination of watching people like myself ‘having a go’ at something, and teaching me the skills to do so along the way: Learning why bread dough has to be kneaded and stretched and tips for an ‘unsoggy’ bottom to your pie!

So I’m going to use today’s post as a little ‘aide-memoir’.

I’d like to bake:

A proper pie with homemade cheesy short crust pastry

Cornish Pasties

A cob loaf

Seeded spelt bread rolls (although any recipes for such would be greatly received!)

One thing I can’t seem to find, though, are links to the recipes from the programme. Obviously, Paul and Mary’s are up on the bbc food site, but the contestants recipes are strangely absent, (or maybe I just haven’t found them yet!) If you do find them, feel free to comment under this post and add the link!

So, I’m definitely giving some of the ideas a go and will post again when I have been a busy baker in the kitchen.

If you haven't seen it, and are watching it solely for cooking tips, I’d recommend beginning with the Bread episode. Otherwise, as stated by the singing nun, start at the beginning!


  1. Hello, I just found you on twitter! I think some of the contestant recipes are here

    I quite fancied the Chocolate brownie meringue cake with raspberry cream!

  2. No idea where the links are, but please blog if you make them! I make Cornish Pasties sometimes (being Cornish) so would be particularly interested.

    Great blog - have been following for a little while but never commented.

  3. hey Helen and Helsie - glad you're enjoying the blog. It's always nice to say hi people with similar interests and who enjoy food! I'll certainly blog when I get around to making anything. Thanks xxx

  4. Oops - forgot to say, thanks for the link! Will have a look now. x


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