Thursday 26 January 2012

One-pot chicken stew – for baby and you…

This is the first of the ‘meat’ recipes I tried for weaning as I thought that chicken is quite bland on its own, so there’s really nothing not to like. I combined it with tried and tested flavours, including something sweet, and herbs to give it some decent flavour. Then I crossed my fingers!

The recipe is incredibly simple and something you can prepare in about 10 minutes, then leave to cook until you’re ready. It’s also something that you can easily adapt, for example, substituting the parsnip for squash, or the pear for apple: simply use whatever's in your cupboard or fridge. there really is no excuse that there isn’t enough time on this one. If it helps, why not buy bags of ready prepared vegetables, such as cubed carrots and parsnips?

Those of you who read regularly will know I very rarely add quantities to my ingredients list as with many of my recipes, you can simply use as much or as little as you like according to taste.



parsnips / squash / carrots


chicken (the best quality you can afford)



grated pear / apple


First, peel and cube the veg. Use just one or a variety of the above. Cut the broccoli into small florets. Skin the chicken and cube.

Add a small spoon of either unsalted butter or light cooking oil (such as rapeseed) to the frying pan or wok and turn on the heat to medium – hot.

Fry off the leeks and veg until beginning to soften. Remove from pan.

Fry off chicken until beginning to brown, then add the veg back to the pan. Turn down to low – medium heat.

Sprinkle some herbs (I used thyme) and pepper over, add the grated fruit and pour over hot water until all the ingredients are just submerged.

Leave to simmer until veg are soft and chicken is cooked through. Obviously, the smaller you cube ingredients, the quicker this will be. I’d say for about 20 minutes.

When everything is cooked through, this is the point at which you split the mixture into baby and adult portions. If you prefer your veg a little crunchy, simply remove your portion and continue to cook baby’s until soft. When done, meter out as much as you’d like to blend for baby. Try to include some of each ingredient and a few spoonfuls of stock from the pan as this will make it easier to blend.


Depending on which stage of weaning you’re at, either use a hand blender to mush baby’s portions until smooth, or simply cut the chicken into small pieces and mash the rest with a fork. You can then freeze in individual portions.



This recipe is tasty just as it is, but for a little extra flavour, stir in a stock cube or a little salt and more pepper. If you’d like, add a sprinkle of chilli flakes too. Serve with brown rice for a super-healthy dinner!


(I usually like to add a few pictures to posts, but we ate it before I remembered! Will post if I remake!)


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