Friday, 28 March 2014

Jamie’s 15 Minute Glazed Sizzling Lamb Chops with Sweet tomato and Asparagus Lasagnetti


Surprisingly, this really is a 15 minute recipe. Just make sure you have the ingredients out – no chopping beforehand, no packets opened, all can be done within the time! And it’s really scrummy too!

I didn’t use lamb chops as I couldn’t find the ones with the ‘stick’ on the end to hold (!), so chose a rack of lamb instead, and cut them into chops myself. Obviously, very easy and incredibly tasty. 018

It’s a case of seasoning the lamb then popping it into a hot pan, turning every so often so it gets a good colour. Meanwhile, chop the veg for the lasagnetti. Jamie uses spring onions, asparagus, red chilli and cherry tomatoes. Pop those in pan with some olive oil to fry off. Chop a bunch of mint and add this and some crushed garlic to the vegetables. Squash a couple more garlic cloves and, along with some rosemary springs, add to the lamb chops. Cut the fresh lasagne sheets into strips then add to the pan with some water to cook through. Reduce the heat under the lamb then toss the chops with clear honey and balsamic vinegar. Leave to rest for a few minutes while you sprinkle some parmesan over the lasagnetti, then serve everything. I poured the lasagnetti into a large bowl and the chops onto a plate so everyone could dig in a help themselves!


Watch how Jamie does it here.

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