Monday, 6 July 2015

No excuses...only explanations.

Ok, so I must be coming to the end of the year I gave myself to complete this challenge and am nowhere near finishing. It hasn't been the cooking that's been the problem so much, as the time needed to write up the posts, insert and edit photos and, in particular, write up the actual recipe to include ingredients and recipes, even though I've cheated and linked to it online. I often find myself having cooked two out of the three dishes, usually the starter and main, and not getting round to the pudding: therefore I have several books on the go at one time, all in various states of completedness! Then it becomes a case of sifting through, seeing which recipes are left to finish off. At the moment, I'm two thirds through 'Jamie does...' With a peach Bellini recipe still waiting, and one third through Jamie's 'Cook', starter and pudding to follow. 

Anyway, there are no excuses here, just explanations. I know many of you find the sporadic nature of posts annoying, and believe me, so do I. If you were certain that every Monday, let's say, there'd be a new post, you'd check in and see what this week was all about. So, with that in mind, let's put this challenge on hold. Come September, I'll find myself with more time than I know what to do with, quickly filled I'm sure, but it will at least give me a few hours to write, edit and blog. I'm going to have Monday as my writing and posting day, ready for the week ahead. 

There will be posts in the meantime, and some may even be Cooking the Books #recipeasy, especially since I still have a couple with outstanding bits and pieces but I'm not going to race to the finish. I've got an Oxo mandolin slice to review, and, completely unrelated to food, a travel potty we're taking camping with us this weekend!! So those will be next in line. I can't imagine the peach Bellini and post will be far behind, especially given the gorgeous weather we've had over the last couple of weeks! 

Keep checking the Facebook page for updates, and if you subscribe to the blog (link's on the right) you'll automatically get updates with regards to new posts. And don't forget to comment below the posts...I'll happily answer any questions, or would love to hear how you've got on with some of the recipes, or your own creations. 

Merlotti x

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