Sunday 20 October 2019

‘Cheesy Bubble’ at Perrywood Garden Centre, Tiptree

I chose to have this winter warmer when I last visited Perrywood garden centre, although, there is so much delicious, hoe made food to choose from it can get quite stressful at times! With a range of daily specials and the usual panini, jacket potatoes and sandwiches you couldn’t be better provided for.
The ‘Cheesy Bubble’ special is simply a play on Bubble and Squeak. A hot bowl of silky, cheesy mashed potato with spring greens ribboned through it, topped with bubbly, melty cheese.

Peel, chop and boil potatoes in vegetable stock.
Two minutes from the end of cooking, add thinly sliced spring greens.
Drain, leaving a tiny splash of the cooking stock, then mash with a lump of butter and put a huge handful or two of your favourite cheese. I used cheddar and Red Leicester.
Add salt and pepper to taste, pile deeply into a dish and top with more cheese.
Grill until bubbling.

Honestly, I could eat this every day at the moment, especially since the weather has most def Italy dropped a degree or two this weekend.

And if you don’t fancy making it yourself, have a day out at Perrywoods and treat yourself to lunch. Definitely worth it.

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