Friday 1 November 2019

Well, I’m sitting here writing this last post for my well-loved food blog. I really have enjoyed my time inventing recipes, following them, not following them! There have been some catastrophes (the chocolate tube things for a World Cup Party, for example) but there have also been one successes: I still use the Herby Summer Lamb Stew recipe!

Looking back through the stats, I’m amazed how many people still visit the the last two days there have been over 60 page views, people searching out recipes, reading the latest post, etc. I’m not getting rid of my love as even I still use it as a recipe index, but any of my new, food related posts will now be over on my more family style blog under the Bon Appétit tab at the top. I’d love you to come with me over well as continuing the food and recipes, I also write a monthly piece called ‘Meet, Make & Munch’ giving ideas as to where to go, what you might like to make or cook, and what or where to eat. It’s fun, I promise! I’d love you to transfer to the new blog and follow me there would be great to take you with me and continue on our journey!

As well as The Chimney House, I also have a Facebook page with a few more bits and pieces and incidentals!

I began Dire Bon Appetit in January’s now November 2019 so it’s had a pretty good run, I’d say. Things change, evolve and grow, and the food blog has become part of an ever bigger, ever expanding life. With two smallish children, a three day a week teaching job and a husband who runs I simply didn’t have the time needed to do it justice. But now, a once a month post is just about manageable, and if I get more done then that’s great. A family-style blog works well for me at the moment, with food still playing a pretty big part of it!

So pop on over, write me comment, tell me who you are...I’d love to keep in touch!

And thank you...for the last 11 years.

If things didn’t change, we wouldn’t have butterflies.

Merlotti x

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