Sunday 25 January 2009

Life's Too Short for Making Mayonnaise

As the title suggests, I may have cheated when making the mayonnaise - cheated as in, didn't make any of it, apart from adding a squeeze of lemon! It was delicious, however, so thanks to the River Cottage shop in Axeminster who supplied the jar of aioli, or garlic mayonnaise. It's a good job life's too short as the cat had most of it anyway, getting too close to my boyfriend's plate, cooly dipping in his paw, then proceeding to cavort around the lounge, leaving mayonnaise paw-prints as he went (the cat, not the boyfriend!) He now thinks it might be nice if he apologies by snuggling up as close to my laptop as possible, whilst sitting on both arms as I write!

The Pot au Feux were delicious, but I would suggest only putting them under a hot grill rather than back in the oven if you want a slightly runny yolk!

As for the schnitzel, they went very well, but as suspected, the meal was quite dry and would have benefitted from a sauce of some sort - maybe sweet chilli?! Other suggestions welcome. Jamie (Oliver, hitherto simply known as Jamie!) suggests a spiced apple sauce. The recipe is very basic: buy good quality pork escalopes, coat them in plain flour, then beaten egg, then breadcrumbs ( again, I cheated and bought mine in a packet, but they're very easy to make: just lightly toast, then crumble some bread or break up a few slices into a coffee grinder or electric chopper!) Heat a good few slugs of oil into a heavy based frying pan, wait until hot, and fry for a couple of minutes each side. If it's good quality pork it doesn't matter if it's slightly pink still in the middle - honest! The colcannon is simply finely chopped leeks and cabbage, fried off in a little butter and added to mashed potato with a little more butter and milk.

And for today? We're having the extra Pot au Feux I made yesterday for lunch and then tuna steak, which my boyfriend is cooking this evening.

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