Saturday, 16 January 2010

20 Great Foods You Aren’t Eating, according to The Times!

The Times Online today has an article entitled “20 great foods you aren’t eating”. I say an article, but really it’s a list of “easy-to-buy superfoods (that) could help you to live a healthier, flat-bellied and longer life”, according to their nutritionist, Amanda Ursell.  Nowhere in the ‘article’ does it comment on how she knows that we are ‘not eating’ the listed foods, and as Lizzie ‘Hollowlegs’ of Lizzie Eats London has tweeted, “surely we eat LOADS of tomatoes, apples and parsley?!”  Bethany, aka Dirty Kitchen Secrets also comments how she eats them all except oats and baked beans, whereas I only eat 75%, with grapefruit, pomegranate, green tea, oats and prunes being the exceptions. And it’s not that I don’t eat them, but simply that I don’t find them great ingredients to cook with, and since I rarely eat breakfast during the week and just have toast at weekends, grapefruit lingers at the bottom of the list, with oats marginally in front.

Becoming more interested in this idea of foods we don’t eat, I randomly searched my blog to see how many recipes the foods I thought I did eat were included in, and this is what I found:


Number of posts found on Bon Appétit Comment
Baked Beans 0 but there were 7 recipes when I searched for ‘beans’!
Green Tea 0 no surprise there then
Oily Fish 10 I searched for ‘fish’, several of the results being mackerel.
Parsley 12 as a main ingredient and a garnish
Apples 3  
Grapefruit 0  
Tomatoes 20 thought as much!
Pomegranates 0  
New Potatoes 7 now I didn’t think there’d be that many of those
Oats 0  
Poached Eggs 1  
Frozen Peas 4  
Prunes 0  
Dark Chocolate 7 really…that many?
Frozen Berries 0  
Olives 2  
Almonds 5 wow
Chillies 19  
Wholewheat Pasta 13 I never buy wholewheat so simply search for pasta, although I suspect it’s the ‘wholewheat’ part that makes it a superfood!
Turmeric 0 although this has definitely been in some recipes, I’m sure!
To my surprise, one recipe came up again and again, thus leading me to believe it must be a very healthy recipe indeed – Herb Pork with Bean Puree. It was delicious!
So, in which types of recipes can you find these superfoods? Well, I’ve copied a selection below so you can try some out.
Oily Fish – Mackerel Pate
Apples – 3 Little Pigs (Pork stuffed with spicy apples), Toffee Apple Sponge Pudding
(Wholewheat) Pasta – Tortelloni and Penne, Orzo Feta and Pepper salad,
In future posts, I hope to add recipes using the 7 ‘zero’ food stuffs from the list, (not including turmeric as I really have used that somewhere, I’m sure!). So, look out for grapefruit, pomegranate, green tea, oats and prunes coming soon to Bon Appétit!

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