Wednesday 6 January 2010

Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley

In the many long hot months of the summer, (they seem so far away with all the snow in the last few weeks!) my then fiancé and I finally did it – we tied the knot and got married. Guests will testify it was one of the hottest weddings ever, being in Nice, and it was great to see so many family and friends come over for the event. One of the lovely presents we received was a trip to Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley, and we were not to be disappointed!

We booked it up for a Friday in December, and became very excited as the time neared!

I made it into London after school, even bumping into X-Factor contestants on the tube, and sat for a drink or two with hubby in the bar first, where he was very excited to find Donna Air! Dinner was not until half past nine, always a worry you’ll have too much to drink first, but a couple of cocktails surely wouldn’t harm?!

We were shown to our places and immediately offered a glass of champagne with a choice from the ‘trolley’. Ok, trolley doesn’t do it service, but I can’t find a more appropriate word right now! This was served with amuse-bouche: foie-gras, guacamole and sausage rolls!


Now, people who know me will also know that this is my favourite part of any meal, and these were no exception. Delicious bite-sized pieces of all sorts! We opted for the Prestige Set Menu, there was, I think, a choice of 3, and were not to be disappointed, especially with another set of amuse-bouche!


This time, it was a fish veloute with bread sticks!

SDC11082Now, I can’t honestly remember how every little thing of every course tasted: this could have been something to do with ordering the wine tasting menu as well, after two cocktails and a glass of champagne with only amuse-bouche to eat, no?SDC11084




I’m not particularly good, though, at warmed foie-gras. Something to do with the texture rather than the taste as I love it cold.



Now, it was getting to the point in the evening where I forgot to take pictures, and just concentrated on the eating. So, the quail below is the last one until pudding! Cooked beautifully with a rich gravy, it was divine; the toast foam, though, made it! A real magic treat!


The scallops, lamb and pigeon (we chose a different main each so as to try them both!) were just as delicious, but by this time, we were incredibly full of food and drink! Not to mention a little worried about making the last train home as we didn’t actually start eating until after ten!


And as for Arctic Roll for pudding? I’m never a fan of fruit and chocolate on the same plate, and although both were delicious, I wish people would stop putting them together. The roll itself, again, I’m not too keen on the papery, flaky outside mixed with the smooth creamy middle, so although I thought they worked separately, the pudding didn’t hang together as one dish for me. The little chocolate gifts to take away with us more than made up for it though!

Special mention should be made of the service, as I actually felt that although the food was innovative, exciting and tasty, the service was even better: Going to the loo for the first time found someone at your shoulder before you’d crossed the dining room to ensure you knew exactly where to go! The staff ensured you were fully involved in every aspect of your meal, very polite, but also smiley and happy to chat and banter – you know how I score points for banter! It’s not a combination you often find, and that’s what really made the evening!

So, thanks to Tony and Lynn, Lorcan and Lisa, Pete F, Simon, Neil and Pete D for their kindness; it was a very much appreciated present!

Tips for next time? Book an earlier table, don’t have two cocktails beforehand, and have one good bottle of wine rather than the wine tasting menu!

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