Tuesday 23 February 2010

Belgian Aperitif – with beer, of course!



One of the many flavours of Belgium is their cheese, and their beer obviously, but they also enjoy combining the two, so we couldn’t resist trying a plate of traditional ‘snacks’ alongside our beers as an aperitif before heading out to eat yet more meat, in Restaurant Vincent, where we had the most delicious Steak Tartare.


The plate was classed as a small plate of mixed items, including salami (that looked like Spam from a tin), cheese, gherkins, pickled silverskin onions and white and black pudding. And as for the beers? Having overdone them slightly in previous nights, and not wanting to spoil my rare beef, I went for a small, and very boring Jupiler. The OH was rather more adventurous, and chose differently every time, but for this one he went for Vieux Temps. (I won’t tell you that after that he opted for yet another one, which turned out to be a cheery beer – yuck!)

Not bad, but not was I was expecting I must admit. The best part was combining the cheese and onions to make retro cocktail sticks!

Lastly, apologies for the quality of pictures: I was testing out a new video camera for school and though it takes stills, there’s no flash!

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  1. It's not spam or salami, it's tete presse, ie brawn


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