Sunday 28 February 2010

Belgian food and drink…


A very brief photo round up of the food and fresh ingredients we found along our many walks in Bruges and Brussels. I love the fact that you see this regularly in Europe, on every corner, in many shops, there’s always a stunningly presented display of something delicious looking, be it chocolate, meats, fish or cheese.

We begin in Vismarkt, the fish market, where in the early afternoon, there are just two stall remaining, and fresh lobster being delivered to the local restaurants.  



Next, onto shop windows: cheese, chocolate, and even jam!














Little street stalls selling fresh oysters; the shellfish you can choose from at almost any restaurant; and a saucisson stall.

819_1739 819_1718  819_1740819_1741 

And finally, the drinks. With a glass of vin chaud or gluwine, and a beer, each one with its specialist glass, what more could you ask?


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