Friday 23 April 2010

Cod with Herb Crust and warm potato salad

Again, the OH brought home a huge, fresh side of cod from Aldeburgh so it seemed that was on the menu, despite all the food I’d filled the fridge with the day before! Well, you can’t let fresh fish, brought in on the early morning boat longer than absolutely necessary. But, what to do with it? I needed something quick and easy as I’d brought yet more work home, so decided up Cod with a herb crust. I found the recipe online from The Times, and it’s a very basic, but delicious crust.


You’ll need:

Firm white fish

Lemon – juice and zest

Chopped chives

Chopped parsley


Country bread – a crust end will serve two portions

salt and pepper

Dijon mustard

olive oil

peeled and chopped potatoes

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees c.

Combine the bread, lemon zest, half the herbs, butter, salt and pepper in a processor.

Brush a light coating of mustard on to the top of each fillet.

Form the butter crust into suitable sized ‘pats’ and lay on top of each fillet.


Place in a roasting tin and pop into the oven for about 20 minutes, depending on the thickness of your fillets.

Boil the potatoes and leave to cool slightly.

Meanwhile, mix up the dressing for the potatoes: Combine the lemon juice, other half of the herbs and salt and pepper.


Pour the dressing over the potatoes while they’re still hot.

Serve the fish on top of the potatoes and drizzle and remaining dressing around the plate.


Not only did I manage to prepare this in about 10 minutes, it also tasted really good! The tang of mustard alongside the zesty lemon flavour and the delicate cod was a great combination. Whilst the crunchiness of the crust added a much needed crispness to the dish. The verdict – perfect for summer as it is, or for a more wintery version, roast new potatoes whole.



  1. Sounds fabulous, and good use for the pollock that's in the freezer. May wait till I get the first asparagus in and grill that for a starter. Love that summery eating is here, for a while.

  2. mmm - new season asparagus: what more could you ask! Sounds delicious, glad you like the sound of it. Merlotti x


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