Wednesday 21 April 2010

Tarte Tatin – a la Jamie



Peter recommended the Beef Tagine to try from the new Jamie book, ‘Jamie Does…’ first, but the French section was pulling me towards it and I couldn’t resist trying the Tarte Tatin, a classic French dish that’s just so easy, but always looks so impressive.


In fact, I made this dish twice in two days – once to take as dessert as a final farewell meal to my brother-in-law and once to celebrate returning home for a few days at Easter. Both times worked brilliantly: the first, the apples were more caramelly and glossier, but the second time, the pastry was crispier and more fluffy. Those who know me also know I believe that life is too short for making pastry, especially the flaky ones, so mine was unashamedly shop-bought and ready-rolled.

You'll need:

4 small eating apples – a bag of value / basics will do fine

100g caster or white sugar

100ml calvados

vanilla pod and seeds

50g butter

puff pastry


Heat oven to 190 degrees c.

Heat the sugar, calvados, vanilla pod, with the seeds scraped out and also added, in an oven-proof frying pan.

Melt until you get a bubbly caramel.

Whilst this is bubbling away, peel halve horizontally and core your apples. Add to the pan once the caramel has begun to thicken.

To ensure they are glazed and brownish, stir for several minutes to soften, then turn rounded-side down and let sit in a hot pan for a few minutes.

Add the cubed butter and tuck the pastry over the top.



Pop into the oven until the top is brown, crispy and risen.

Turn out onto a plate and serve with a blob of expensive vanilla ice cream.









Jamie’s                                                                               Mine

This was perfect. Sweet, sticky and delicious  

SDC11956 SDC11975          

And these are both my versions!







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