Thursday 15 July 2010

Fresh from the Garden


With the little rain that we’ve had recently, the showers this week were welcomed by the garden, and in turn, by us! Everything decided upon a growing spurt and have burst into larger than life plants. The courgettes are huge, well, the plants and leaves…but the actual courgettes are getting there, and we’ve even had stuffed courgette flowers on top of salad from fresh spinach and chard with Nasturtium flowers: amazing!


Other things, despite flourishing and looking fantastic, are very sour indeed, especially the cherries from the young tree above! They take the enamel coating off your teeth, I’m sure!


The raspberries, however, are fruiting and fruiting, growing and flowering, and fruiting again…and are scrummy. So delicious, in fact, that I barely get any back to the house without stuffing them one after another into my mouth as I pick. the pink tinge around my mouth is the giveaway though! A bit like when I was little: I used to sneak out of the front door if I woke up early in summer, creep down to the nets at the bottom of the garden and cram strawberries in before I was found out!

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