Saturday 17 July 2010

A Taste of Cherry Pie


I couldn’t resist using inspiration from Julia’s blog, A Slice of Cherry Pie, for this post, as every time I think of Cherry Pie, I now think of her so, I hope she doesn’t mind! As a teacher, you often get unusual gifts: think homemade, painted, chipped, cracked, etc! But this week, I have been the lucky recipient of two bags of cherries from a garden – now what better present? After eating several, I refrained from gobbling any more as I thought I could have a go at making a pie, not something I often do.


Cheating, I used readymade sweet short-crust pastry and popped it into two smallish pie tins lined with flour I then stewed the cherries with a little water and sugar, destoned them and popped into the cases. After stewing, the volume of cherries seemed to have decreased, so I topped with a few fresh raspberries fro my own garden, fitted the lid, glazed with milk, made a hole and popped into a hot oven until the top was brown and crisp.


Simply serve with natural yoghurt of a dollop of crème fraiche and enjoy!

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  1. What a lovely surprise, thank you so much! I really, really want a slice of that pie now x


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