Wednesday 25 February 2009

Final Results

So, we finally found the infamous packet of Fish and Chips flavour, and couldn't wait to add it to our taste test. One lunchtime, we gathered excitedly around the packet and opened it with trepidation. Two original members of the taste team were absent - one in Wales and the other doesn't work with us - but we had already chosen two super substitutes; thanks girls!

Ok, onto the important things! Comments and results:

Fish and Chips
On opening the packet, the immediate smell was of Prawn Cocktail Flavour and Scampi Fries without the lemon! On closer examination, however, they definitely had a Bovril aroma, unusual we thought, since they were meant to have nothing to do with meat at all! On taste, comments ranged from smokey bacon to Bovril again. Overall, we decided that out of the 6 tasted, they were the ones that tasted least like their name.

I think you've waited long enough, although we all agreed, if there was a bag of cheese and onion or salt and vinegar, those would definitely be eaten first!

The winner of the overall testing process, and indeed the taste test, was Onion Bhaji, closely followed by Cajun Squirrel. This was, I believe, because they are very familiar flavours that we are already used to (well, not squirrel, but the meaty flavouring used in in!)

The only question left is, will we vote? Erm - probably not! We don't really want to see any of these flavours on our shelves, although it was good fun trying them! If you'd like to hear the opinions of others, have a look at this article - a friend posted it as a comment under my first post, Walkers' Taste Test , and I couldn't believe how similar some of the comments raised were to our own discussions.

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  1. Hmmmm - Not an unsuprising result then, curry flavour crisps. You know, to be honest all the flavours sound disgusting. What they should concentrate the crisp labs a giant big as your hand, and they should come in packs of 5.
    I'd buy em!


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