Sunday 8 February 2009

Venison Pie

We were lucky enough to be invited out again last night and had another lovely evening. We began with crisps and dips - I could just eat those instead of any real food I think! - and continued with a rich and gamey Venison Pie. Our hosts had 'found' the recipe online and added their own special twist. After the meat had been marinated in red wine and delicious herbs and spices overnight, it was browned and dark chocolate was added! A range of vegetables and a pie lid, decorated beautifully by Sophie, and it was ready for the oven. It tasted velvety and smooth with tender meat and a hint of sweetness - perfect.

Pudding was just as delicious; home-made chocolate brownies with vanilla ice-cream. Our host had substituted chestnuts for walnuts as the chestnuts mysteriously disappeared as she was making them (I blame Ellie!), but it was no loss - the slight crunch of the walnuts added a little crunch to the texture.

Thanks guys!

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