Sunday, 15 February 2009

Mess? What mess?

No, you were right Anne; the sweet potato bites were very messy! But well worth the doughy fingers. I must admit, I left out the cornflour as I didn't have any in the cupboard, but it didn't appear to make a difference - having said that, I couldn't compare...not having a batch with cornflour!

I made rough shapes first, then when I was able to have clean hands again, reshaped them using two knives, making them more square. I followed the rest of the instructions as advised and they turned out perfectly - crispy and brown on the outside whilst soft and gooey in the middle. We served them with the Sweet Chilli Jam and a glass (or two) of fizzy pink stuff - delicious. Thank you for posting the recipe!


  1. Yours look so much neater than mine, the knives are a good idea for next time! Really glad you enjoyed them! x

  2. Merlotti, this sounds so good. I love sweet potatoes, I use it for making bread, simply steam, sometimes fried it for snacks (it's common in South East Asia)and the latest, I made gnocchi using David lebouvitz' s recipe. Now I am really tempting to make this sweet potato bites. I can imagine how delicious it is to serve with that chili jam, Oh gosh, my mouth water.

  3. Who cares about mess??? The messier the better! These cakes look truly scrumptious. :-)


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