Monday 7 September 2009

Homegrown Courgette Fritters

After rather a lot of expense recently, I decided we'd try to live out of the fridge-freezer for a week! And we nearly managed it! Meals such as bottom of the fridge omelette, rice salad were commonplace, but, since we have 5 courgette plants, we find ourselves with several on a regular basis so I put together a little fritter recipe. It's really easy and, again, uses stuff you've usually got hanging about.

Put an egg into a bowl and add half a teaspoon of baking powder and a pinch of paprika - I used smoked chilli! Mix in a little drop of milk, then add plain flour til it's very thick and sticky. To loosen, pour in fizzy water; just enough to loosen it to a thick batter. Add grated courgette, that you've squeezed all the water from, and spring onions if you've got any. Drop spoonfuls of this mixture into a few inches of hot vegetable oil and fry until crispy brown! Serve with sweet chilli dip!

I found a few 'treats' in the freezer. The first were several lumps of unidentifiable meat, which turned out to be pork loin once defrosted. These, I chopped into piece, marinated in cider (a one-off left over can in the fridge), grated apples (from the tree in the garden), sage (also from the garden), and a squeeze of lemon (you know, one of those that's been cut in half and left in the fridge for a few days longer than it should have, but that you can still get just enough juice from!) I popped these onto a wooden skewer, interspersed with onion pieces (also from the garden) and stuck them on the bbq. To serve we had cheesy mash and I reduced the marinating sauce til it went sticky and poured over: Yummy!

I've also used a chorizo sausage for squid (found in the freezer) and chorizo salad, and there's still a pack of mince in the freezer which I think is destined for a cottage pie. Also 4 pork chops, so at least 2 more meals left!

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