Wednesday 30 September 2009

Flat or 'Fat' bread!

I first decided I needed a griddle pan for making flatbreads. In fact, this is the only thing I use it for, but it still makes it an excellent purchase nonetheless! The only downside is the fact that on its first use, I scratched the new hob :(. I will remember to lift it rather than drag it next time!

So, for a recipe, I used Simon Rimmer's Coriander Flat Bread recipe, and it took me three attempts to finally achieve a desirable result! Not that the first two tries were bad; they tasted like bread, but were on the heavy side! At the first attempt, I was impatient and didn't leave the dough to rise enough, thus, when the bread was cooked, the results was very stodgy. The second attempt rose perfectly and I had high hopes, unfortunately, I didn't roll them out flat enough and though they were light and airy, were rather thick; so thick, in fact, that they were renamed fat-breads!

The third attempt - a bit like the pigs with their houses - worked well! I was patient and the dough rose well. I rolled the pieces out thinly and left them again to prove a little longer before flattening them out again. This time, they were perfect; my trick, apart from patience, was the use the flat side of the griddle. Although husband complained that they "don't have the nice lines on like last time," I suggested that maybe taste and texture were more important than "nice lines!"

Perfect served with Herby Summer Lamb Stew!

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