Thursday 17 September 2009

Salmon with sundried tomato butter

Salmon fillets with chorizo, broad beans and new potatoes

I find Sunday mornings one of the nicest parts of the weekend. Sitting drowsily in my dressing gown with toast and homemade jam and a pot or two of fresh coffee, waking up to the day and deciding what I might cook for tea during the week. Inevitably, we sit and watch SFTW and last week there was, again, a very easy and very tasty recipe. It worked perfectly and was the first time I had bothered to make my own flavoured butter, which I have used on garden cabbage since to brighten it up a bit! It even inspired me to consider making a range of the butters and inventing my own, so look out for future posts!

The salmon recipe was really easy, and the husband's always saying we should eat more fish so I knew he'd like it too! I used up old new potatoes, if that's not contradictory, chorizo from the fridge and frozen broad beans from the garden; the best bit was 'popping' the beans from their membranes after having blanched them! A slit and a little push was all that was required! The butter melting on the fish was enough sauce and combined well with the pan juices from oil and chorizo. I served it with bread pots with added sage and chives for an oniony tang. An easy, simple, autumnal supper.

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