Sunday 4 October 2009

Come Dine With Me

I know it's probably been done many times, all across the country, but we're holding our own Come Dine With Me, and are very excited about it! One friend currently does film and food nights, where the food has to match the setting or theme of the film - a great idea! On the other hand, one of the CDwM friends has already confessed she's going to buy the pudding! Well, as long as she admits to it so the scores are fair, I'm all for it!

Over the last few weeks, we've gradually put together the 'rules' for the competition - although we haven't agreed on a prize yet! Maybe pride will be enough! Once a week, during the month of November, one of the four will play host to the other three and cook a delicious, preferably with three courses and a little wine. We all live locally, so getting home shouldn't be a problem. And the rules on boyfriends / husbands? Well, they can play their part as waiter / dancer (?!) / cocktail maker, but apart from that, no help allowed! Menus are to be submitted the Friday before half term, and the spending limit is £10 per head, not including alcohol.

As you can imagine, for the last few weeks, since the idea was first mooted, I have been desperately trying to decide what my menu will be! The mini Toads in their Holes were a first idea for starters, but then I thought they might be bit much. Next I changed my mind to a fish starter, then I considered both courses! And, as I am writing this, I think I've made different decision from those which I thought were made.

So...what is my final menu? Well, never say die but, my final thoughts on the matter are as follows, but don't be surprised if I make alterations between now and then!

Selection of 3 amuse-bouche:
very very mini toads in their holes, smoked haddock with quail's egg, and one other!

Home-made mackerel pate with soldiers and salad.

Main Course:
Chicken with spinach. wild mushrooms and tarragon, served on almond rice.

Chaource, grapes and homemade bread pots.

Key Lime Pie (or maybe chocolate fondant? Could I get away with both?!)

Now, who can I try them out on?


  1. Glad you have made a decision - though smoked fish is one of my hell foods so would have to skip your starter :)

  2. Anne~oh dear! I love it, so will have to hope others do too. I could always do it with unsmoked!

  3. Hi

    Probably too late now, but I always like the idea of a trio of desserts - that way everyone can have something they enjoy and the puds can be prepped in advance.

    Hope your CDwM was a great success anyway!



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