Friday, 30 October 2009

Poach Pods

I first saw these little things in Lakeland, and couldn't wait to get my hands on a pair, so to speak! Cooking a poached egg has to be one of the hardest things to get right ever, and believe me, I've tried all the little 'tricks'. I've added vinegar to the water, stirred it to create a vortex and dropped the egg into the middle, tried using a cooking ring inside the pan to keep it together, but none of the above worked. So this was really a last resort.

These make it so easy. You simply grease the inside (although, I don't even do that any more,) pop them into a bubbling pan and add an egg to each. Yes, it takes a little longer than you'd expect, and yes, a spoonful of hot water over the top, actually inside the poachpod will help seal the yolk and 'jelly' white that is reluctant to cook, but you're left with perfectly round, perfectly cooked eggs. Just add salt and pepper and serve on hot buttered brown toast!


  1. I've got some of those and they're ok, though sometimes the eggs don't come out right and the yolks break :(

    I read this the other day though and now i'm thinking cling film is the answer...

  2. I've got some of these and they are very useful. I tend to regret not greasing them though if I'm making more than two. I agree the yolks sometimes break though that's a great tip to spoon a bit of boiling water on the top.

  3. Why are they advertised as non stick silicone egg pods, if they stick?


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