Friday 16 October 2009

Day 3 - Key Lime Pie

So...I tried out Delia's Key Lime Pie as I thought I'd learn a new recipe with a view to doing it for our CDwM in November. Now, I put lots of love into it, but possibly, not enough butter!

The crust was good, it can't fail to be with digestives and butter can it? I chose to use individual cases rather than just one flan tin, so lined each one with the mixture. However, a little more butter was needed as it was rather crumlby, even after baking. I didn't want to over-bake it as when I returned it to the oven with the filling in, I didn't want the edges to burn. So, as it was, it ended up rather thick and crumbly. As a tip for next time, make the edges thinner and add more butter to help it stick .

As for the filling, I followed the instructions, but used a whole egg and one egg yolk rather than simply the three yolks as suggested. This led to the pies 'rising', rather like souffles, as they baked, but didn't alter the flavour. Again, next time, I'd actually follow the recipe!

Oh well, very tasty, but not suitable for CDwM, unless I get much better at following recipes nad making things look neat and tidy! Maybe I'll try a large flan tin rather than individual ones next time.

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