Sunday 13 December 2009

Come Dine with Merlotti - Amuse Bouche recipes

From Bon Appétit

So, here's the first in a set of posts detailing the recipes from my recent Come Dine with Me session with the girls from school!

Part 1 includes the amuse-bouche, although I think the only recipe I haven't previously documented is the Tomato and chilli gazpacho.

tomatoes - deseeded and chopped
garlic - crushed
chilli flakes
vegetable stock
herbs - I used chopped fresh basil

Heat a little olive oil in a frying pan and add the chopped tomatoes.
Fry until they start to go mushy, then add the garlic and chilli flakes.
Stir in the stock, a little at a time until the sauce has loosened.
Simmer gently for about 25 minutes, adding stock so it remains runny.
Taste and season as desired.
Stir in the chopped basil and leave to cool.
Pour into shot glasses and chill.
Garnish with a basil leaf and serve at room temperature.

As for the Tadpoles in Holes and Smoked Haddock Pot au Feux, simply click their names to find the recipes! For the Tadpoles, cut sausages into small pieces first and use little tiny tart cases, cooking for no more than 15 minutes. For the Smoked Haddock, simply poach the fish in milk first, then break into bite-sized pieces and place into individual moulds. Use the milk to make the sauce, pour over the fish, cover in grated cheese and pop into the oven until the cheese bubbles.

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