Tuesday 15 December 2009

Come Dine with Merlotti - Mackerel Pate

From Bon Appétit

This is a really simple recipe and perfect for making the day before if you want to get ahead - which is exactly what I did for my CDwM night!

You'll need:

mackerel fillets (I buy the ones with the peppercorns on as you don't have to add as much seasoning then!)
creme fraiche
lemon juice
melted butter

Now, I mentioned that this was incredibly easy, and it is, so the recipe isn't really a recipe so much as a combination of ingredients! You throw it all into and blender and turn on until the desired texture is achieved!

Put the fish fillets, minus the skin, into the blender and blitz.
Add 1 large dollop of creme fraiche for every 3 fillets you use as the mackerel is very oily anyway.
Blitz again until combined. If you prefer a looser texture, then add a little more creme fraiche, but remember, it's easier to add more than take-away once combined!
Taste, add a squeeze of lemon and season with salt as preferred.

To serve, either use two spoons to make quenelles, or for ease, push into ramekins, ensuring the top is quite flat and there are no large air pockets. Cover with the melted butter and chill.

I always serve with shop-bought brown seed bread, toasted, and a green salad with a dash of oil and balsamic vinegar. Delicious!

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