Tuesday 3 August 2010

Cherry Plum Gin

Having recently discovered a Cherry Plum tree at the bottom of the garden, (I say recently discovered…what I mean is, I knew it was there but not what it was!) I couldn’t wait to get started on some recipes; and what better way to start than with a version of sloe gin.


I’ve been wanting to do something like this for ages, but my regular readers will know that patience is not a strong point of mine, so am not sure I’ll manage to leave the mixture for three whole months, but I’ll give it a go!

I searched several recipes, and sort of combined them all. Quantities varied, and more sugar can always be added later to taste. Basically you need gin (although vodka would also do), fruit (I used cherry plums not sloes, but you could add what you wanted I suspect,) and sugar.


Simply prick the skins of the fruit – put several in your hand at a time and stab each one quickly with the tip of a knife – then put them in a sterilised jar and top up with the gin. I used 1 litre of gin and nearly a kilo of cherry plums. Pour in the sugar, preferably caster sugar as it’ll dissolve more quickly, seal the jar and shake.


Place the jar in a dark, cool place and remember to shake every so often.


Leave for at least 3 months (if you can) then you can strain and enjoy. If it needs more sugar, add some, if there’s not much taste, leave it to mature for longer. Strain the mixture when you’re happy with the taste and re-bottle, adding a few pieces of the fruit for aesthetic value. You can always use the leftover fruit to make fruit liqueur chocolates!


  1. Presumably fruit liqueur chocolates will be the next post then?

  2. I am wondering how much sugar is used for this amount quoted in the recipe.
    Also how important is it to prick the plums. I have done an experimental lot in a bottle as the plums fitted down the neck, and In my excitement of first time making, guess what.........I forgot to stab them. not sure it will be too easy to get the plums out of the bottle while they are still hole and firm!
    And no....I wasn't sampling the gin either :-)

  3. The left over fruit may well go very nice with icecream.

  4. I have two cherry plum trees and this year they are absolutely loaded with plums(NZ). My UK friend told me about making sloe gin, and on looking up about that, I found your cherry plum gin recipe, so we are both giving it try. three months is going to be a long wait.


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