Wednesday 25 August 2010

Rabbit Stew

Again, this post isn’t one for the squeamish. It was a challenge I wasn’t sure I could do, since it involved furry, cute animals, and I’d never eaten rabbit before. But, being one who believes that if we eat meat, we should have a full understanding of how it gets to our table, I gave it a go, and successfully too!


Again, this is something that is done easily without a knife. Initially, the guts need removing immediately the rabbit is killed as they deteriorate very quickly. Once the stomach area is slit, reach in and remove things such as the kidneys and heart. Interesting fact: you can tell the difference between a skinned rabbit and a skinned cat because the kidneys of a rabbit are not directly opposite each other; one is higher than the other!

First, squeeze down the rabbit’s front to remove anything nasty. Then, bend the rabbit’s legs back at the elbow joint and snap them.


Next, reach inside around it’s middle and using your fingers, get between the skin and the flesh, peeling away round the saddle of the animal. The fur should now be loose all across the back of the rabbit. Then remove the legs from the skins, as you would a baby from a baby-grow. Now, going from the tail, pull the skins up the rabbit and over the head. (The head will come off along with the skins, and if it doesn’t simply twist and discard.) At this point, push your finger (and this isn’t nice but really needs doing,) down through the rabbits bum to get rid of any rabbit poo! You’ll find the little round pellets strung together!


To fillet him, cut through the flesh at the shoulder joints for the legs, then twist off. Chop the saddle into two large chunks for the pot. Add carrot and parsnip, spelt, stock and season well. Cook in a Dutch oven above an open fire.



  1. hardcore cookery... i'll have nightmares!!!

  2. That interesting fact is I am sure written into British law, as cats were being sold as rabbit during the 2nd world war, and that information was used to stop the practice


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