Saturday 7 August 2010

Mackerel with Courgette Salad



Having rather a glut of courgettes this year, a new one seems to appear every day, then I’ve been eagerly searching for something to do with them, something more than making fritters or deep frying them that it. So I was delighted to find this lovely recipe in my Jamie book, ‘Jamie at Home’.


It’s really very easy (as are all the Jamie recipes I try!) and very delicious! Basically you need:

courgettes or pattypans

fresh red (I used green) chilli


basil leaves

salt and pepper

zest of 1 lemon, juice of half

olive oil

whole mackerel, scaled and gutted

Finely slice your courgettes into ribbons.

Make your dressing combining the lemon zest and juice, salt and pepper and olive oil to your liking. Add finely chopped chilli.

Make incisions along the mackerel and season. Rub with olive oil and put a piece of rosemary inside each one. These can now either be cooked on a bbq or under a hot grill until the skin is crispy and the flesh falls away form the bone.

When the fish is cooked, combine the dressing with the courgettes and salad leaves and plate up alongside the mackerel.


Mop up the dressing with some soft whole-wheat walnut bread.

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  1. Mackerel is soooo underrated and rarely found on menus and yet I had it at Rick Stein's cafe in Padstow and it was served as saimply as could be, cooked to perfection and had the most wonderfully rich flavour. Good on you for promoting yummy mackerel, it's super healthy too!


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