Monday 9 February 2009


Had a cooking day yesterday, but only added a little bit of love to it, so things didn't turn out brilliantly. I've discovered that you need to cook with love if things are to succeed, and, as I mentioned, I only had a little love, so nothing was perfect.

First, I tried a Green Thai Curry Paste so I can make my own curries with a splash of coconut milk. I think this turned out ok, but it is yet to be tested - and won't be this week as I forgot that I was going to use the chicken in the fridge to do this and used it in Mediterranean Chicken tonight - oops!

Secondly, I made another batch of Chilli jam. It was going so well until I left it too long between stirs and it all suck to the bottom, creating a rather singed smell that has possibly permeated the whole 5 jars. Will have to see with the first taste. I may even empty the jars and re-bubble to see what happens.

Dinner was a trial that mum suggested, again, a recipe from Good Food. It was Herby Lamb Cobbler. Now, I'm not great with pastry and this was no exception. All went well, even making the cobblers, but when it was time for them to do their thing, they didn't - I only got a very little rise out of them, but they tasted good nevertheless!

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  1. Evening Merlotti!

    I'm glad to see that you took my hint re the chilli jam. Looking forward to getting my next jar. I love that stuff! ;-)



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