Thursday, 12 February 2009

Waitrose vs Merlotti

Well, mum arrived tonight with a Waitrose offering, 'Pork stuffed with Spiced Apple sauce'. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Mine was Stuffed Pork Rolls with Spiced Apple Sauce, and I thought I'd made the recipe up! So, now to compare and contrast:

Waitrose pork was chunks rather than an escalope, which in fact, was harder to cook without it drying out.
Spiced apple was in smaller chunks - a good idea as they 'wrapped' better.

On the whole, though, I'd have to say Merlotti's were tastier - better cooked! Mum did, however, make really good dauphinois potatoes to go with it: Just what you need after 48 hours without eating anything.

The best part was cheese for dessert - a lovely selection of cheese from Cheeseworks in Cheltenham: Stinking bishop, St. Agur and (one we can't remember the name of!) Also a selection of salamis and walnut bread - delish!

Thanks mum, x


  1. Glad you are on the mend! Will post that recipe this evening for the sweet potato bites for you, as the other picture is at home and I am boringly at work! :)

    Re the Waitrose offering, I'm also slightly smug when a dish I've made is better than supermarket version, makes me feel the washing up's all been worthwhile! :) Strangely I thought about dauphinois potatoes this morning, has obviously been far too long since I last had them!


  2. Sounds like wonderful meal you have there.


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