Saturday 28 February 2009


One of the best things about a skiing holiday has to be the full-fat food doesn't it? I was introduced to this dish as part of a 'demi-pension' half-board skiing holiday in Valberg - a little resort in the Southern French Alps, and it has remained one of my favourites every since. Now, each ski holiday, I insist on eating it at least once, even if it means a trip down to the village rather than lunch on the slopes! And, because you've skiied all morning, you can eat it without any guilt at all, knowing that you've burnt off hundreds of calories in the morning and will continue to do even more in the afternoon - if you can actually get out of your chair or dare to leave the warmth of the sun after lunch!

My meal this year was in Auron, again in the South of France. The village is small and delightful and there is one restaurants that is superb - it's part of a hotel but has an outside terrace area in the sun and a lovely bar area for that all important apres-ski. The hotel is called Edelweiss, and their tartiflette is one of my two favourite! The other is in a restaurant in the back streets of Nice, served only in winter obviously.

For those who don't ski, or haven't heard of Tartiflette, it is originally a dish from the Savoie region of France and uses Reblochon cheese. Recipes vary, but all include potatoes, cheese and usually, bacon/lardons. Edelweiss' version also includes onions. It is served in a low pottery dish and this particular one had a delicious green salad with tasty dijon dressing. The basic idea is that all the ingredients are cooked, the covered with cheese and baked. here's my version of the recipe:


Potatoes - peeled and chunked
Onion - sliced
Lardons - smoked if preferred
Creme fraiche
Reblochon - sliced in half, both ways!

First, par-boil the potatoes until just cooked.
Fry off the onions and lardons and when cooked, add the potatoes to brown. Season if necessary.
Transfer to a low sided oven-proof bowl and stir in a good dollop of creme fraiche.
Place the large slices of reblochon on top with the crust uppermost. (The cheese should be cut in half so you have two semi-circles, then sliced horizontally.)
Bake in a medium oven (170) for about twenty minutes until the cheese is brown and the dish is bubbling!

It's not a light-weight dish, but if served with a crisp green salad, you can kid yourself you're at least getting some nutrients! And it's always best after a morning ski session, sitting in the sun with a cold, clear glass of white!


  1. I have to admit this one of my favourite dishes too!

    When I'm feeling poor (or have run out of reblochon that I've brought back from France) I often make it with brie or camembert instead. Although admittedly you can't beat it when it's made with reblochon.

    Your photo is making my mouth water just looking at it!

  2. Potatoes, Onion, bacon, Creme fraiche and cheese.....just a few of my favourite thing!!! think I'd need the elasticated waistband stretchy trousers for that.

    In fact, I cooked a kind of similar Nigel Slater dish on Thursday....sliced potatoes, onion, thyme and melted Taleggio butter....forget the elasticated waist - I keep eating stuff like that I may have to forego trousers altogether.

  3. I love these hearty comforting dishes with cheese and potatoes. Even better than raclette!

  4. cheese + potatoes + bacon = heaven!

  5. Cooked a version of tartiflette on a camping stove last summer and it turned out a treat. Very simple and very tasty!

  6. Cooked a version of tartiflette on a camping stove last summer and it turned out a treat. Very simple and very tasty!


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