Thursday 5 February 2009


erm - I have a confession.

I set the grill on fire last night - it wasn't really my fault - I turned it on ready to brown the top of the omelette (can you tell we have nothing in the fridge?!) - normally there's nothing underneath it - but I could smell a burning - not coming from under the pan, no - not coming from the hob, no - open the grill door - ooops - haven't cleared away the foil from our unexpected snow-fry-breakfast on Monday - set alight - flames and everything - needed wet towel to put it out.

I am NOT person of the day - all our clothes smell of burnt smoke.

The omelette, however, (and this is the most important thing after all) was good!

Ok - we're off out to Titto's for a meal. It's all very 'cloak and dagger' as to the food, so I'll make my report tomorrow evening!

A demain x

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  1. OMIGOD! I did exactly that, forgot I had tomatoes grilling for brekkie, they caught fire, ruined my grill and all the knobs and the hob, and the extractor above too...

    Insurance paid out for a new cooker though! Sort of result, as the old one was rather old, but the new one isn't as good as the old one :(


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