Thursday 26 February 2009

Good food at Stansted?

Having been on a few days away, I was surprised at how quick and easy the journey was. We left an hour and a half to get through check-in and security at Stansted, but when we arrived, there were no queues at check-in, a short wait at security and we were through in the lounges with nothing to do.

Nothing, that is, until I spotted the Caviar House and Prunier bar/restaurant and remembered how delicious it was last time I sat with girls and had a quick bite before heading off to sunnier climes! So, little more than a suggestion was needed to the boyfriend before we were sitting on the high stools and looking mouth-wateringly at the display of fresh fish, salmon and caviar in the fridges. All the food looked amazing and I quickly chose a simple plate of Scottish Smoked Salmon. My boyfriend was a little more adventurous and went for the Salmon Tartare spiced with chilli.

I think the thing I enjoyed most about the meal, apart from actually eating it of course, was watching the man prepare it. The company obviously has a 'set' way of presenting each dish, but it was deftly done with as little handling of the ingredients as possible. The salad and dressing was tossed in a bowl and the salmon and other fish arranged beautifully. The salmon itself tasted fresh and clean and was served with 5 brown bread triangles, a side of crunchy crispy salad and a slice of lemon, all wrapped in a little piece of muslin so that when you squeezed it, none of the pips went over your dinner - brilliant!

The boyfriend's dinner was also scrummy the salmon was made at the company, rather than bough in, and was served out of it's tin! The presentation was fab. with the salad begin packed into the base of the tin and the salmon being served almost on the side. It was very unusual having the salmon packed in a tin that way, but obviously kept it very fresh. Just a hint of chilli came through, but enough to add a little spice. I could have eaten his as well as mine!
Although the restaurant is a chain, and mainly an airport based chain at that, and despite the fact you know you get exactly what you're getting, the menu's do change regularly. You do, however, know exactly what you're getting, even if it is simple and formulaic. I've eaten there twice and it hasn't disappointed on either occasion. There's a good selection of wine and the Chilean White we had was also perfect with the salmon.

I can't wait now for another opportunity to leave the country and sneak in a simple but sophisticated lunch!

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